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Douglas W. Garlinger
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November 19, 2002
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This Web Page is devoted to the Moore Family of Randolph County, Indiana. William and Sarah Moore were born in County Down, Ireland in the early 1800's. They came to America in 1850. They sailed from the seaport of Belfast in an old wooden sail ship.It took eleven weeks and three days for William and Sarah to arrive at New Orleans. They encounterd very severe stroms along the way. The ship's rigging was torn and the crew had to throw some of the cargo overboard. The ship had to stop at Havana, Cuba to get provisions and water to continue their voyage.
Upon arriving in New Orleans, the travelled up the Mississippi River and the Ohio River to Cincinnati. They settled in Oxford, Butler County, Ohio north of Cincinnati. Their four young sons William, James, Samuel and Alexander traveled with them from Ireland to America. All four of these boys later served in the Grand Army of the Republic in the Civil War. Alexander was known as the "regimental poet" of the 69th Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

My great-grandfather George Washington Moore was born to William and Sarah in Oxford, Ohio in 1860. In the Spring of 1861, the Moore family moved to Randolph County, Indiana. George Washington Moore married Emma Eisenhour in 1880. The photograph above is of the family of George Washington Moore, circa 1895 near Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana.
My grandfather, Russell Moore is the young boy on the far right.

This Web page primarily contains the information on the descendents of Russel Moore. A more comprehensive work on the descendents of William and Sarah Moore is contained in the following Adobe Acrobat files which may be downloaded.

Moore_History_circa 1930
This is a 26-page Moore History compiled by Sarah E. Moore for the Moore Reunion held at Goodrich Park, WInchester, Indiana, in the year 1927 and finished in August, 1933. A 13-page update was added in 1977.  File size 2.1 Mb

Moore_History_circa 1975
This is a 38-page Moore History "William and Sarah Moore Descendents" complied by Betty Cougill and Gertrude Moore Ayres. It appears to have been prepared in the mid-1970's.  File Size 2.3 Mb

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